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Since this blog is called "Easy Does It 3, 2, 1", I thought it would be appropriate to share Restaurant.com 's deal called "3, 2, 1".  Here it is! Restaurant.com


Kitcheneez - Shanna Crum (quick meals for the busy mom)

Well I find it hard to have time to cook a nice, healthy meal for my family each night.  You may have no issue with this, but it is something I struggle with every single day.  I joined up with Kitcheneez recently because they have HEALTHY quick meals for my family and parties as well.  I can sell it to others who struggle with the same thing as me, and buy my own as well in my back office.  Do you eat GLUTEN FREE? dairy free? or no sodium? or all natural? or....the list goes on and on.  Choose what you want for your family, and make it an easy, healthy dinner night with little thinking involved.  I normally can't think because I have 3 little boys pulling for my attention at all moments of the day :).  Here's my link I use, and this is the link you can use to check out Kitcheneez.  http://www.kitcheneez.biz/yummykitchen

Shanna Crum is a mother of three boys and an independent consultant of Kitcheneez.