Claire's Cheesy Potato Recipe

(this is not a money saving tip.... but it is a delicious side dish!)
Thank you, Claire, for letting me share your recipe!  This is a delicious potato dish that we had at our family Christmas party.  It is very yummy, and easy to make!

Items needed:

    crock pot
    large pot to boil potatoes
    5lb potatoes. 

    8oz cheddar cheese
    8oz cream cheese
    1pnt sour cream.
    Milk to mash potatoes (about 2 to 3cups)

    salt & pepper 
    bacon bits

Peel, cut & boil potatoes. Mash with milk until smooth. Add rest of ingredients. Sprinkle with salt & pepper. Spray crock pot. Layer potatoes & cheddar cheese, 2 layers. Sprinkle bacon bits & cheese. Cook 1 hr on high in crock pot  (OR 2 hours on low). 

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