Easter 2012

I haven't made a post in so long!  Well here goes...

We are celebrating our awesome, risen Lord and Savior this Easter season.  This is an awesome time to get the kids to join in and do really cool crafts!  Here is a couple of the things we did the past couple days....

How to make the eggs:

1. hardboil eggs
2. remove shell
3. Cut in half (longways) and remove yolk (set aside)
4. Put egg halves into glasses of water that have food coloring in them (whichever colors you like!)
5. Leave the eggs soak for about 45 min - 1 hr
6. mix up your yolk/mayo/salt/pepper/mustard mixture
7. when eggs are done, just pipe the yolk mixture back in and you are done! :)


How to make the cake:
1. bake box cake mix (whichever kind you like) in 2 - 8 inch round pans & ice them as normal (i used canned icing - vanilla between layers and white on top)

2. use either chocolate or french vanilla Pepperidge Farm Pirouette rolled wafers around the cake (cut to size)

3. sprinkle top of cake with green sprinkles to look like grass & use most of a bag of mini robin eggs across the top of cake

4. the handle is made out of hanger wire and small pieces of Pepperidge Farm Pirouette rolled wafers

Don't forget to wrap ribbon around your cake! :)  It was so fun to make!

Have a Happy Easter, everyone!
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