A Day In the Life of A Mommy

In my house, "mail time" is fun! We make piles for bills, fun mail, and then junk mail. WELL, one morning, I decided to order a new curling iron (to come in the mail) since my last one was not heating up hot enough to keep those pretty curls long enough. It came on one of those days where GOOD mail was very much needed! I felt like a little kid in a candy store! Yes, I know that's a little corny. 
Here is the one I got (got it on Amazon):

It heats up very fast and is HOT!  I get very nice curls with this one!  They are more loose because it is a 2 inch barrel.  If you want tighter curls, I would recommend the 1-1/4 inch barrel 
like this one:
I love that I found a curling iron that heats up as hot as my CHI straightener!  The best piece of mail that day!

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