Blogging: My Accountability

Blogging: My Accountability is going to be my postings concerning cleaning my home. 

Day 1: Clean the kitchen & do laundry
Day 2: Clean the living room/dining room
Day 3: Clean first floor bathroom & laundry
Day 4: Clean boys room (with the boys helping)
Day 5: Clean master bedroom
Day 6: Clean upstairs bathroom
Day 7:  Do all the laundry, fold & put away (socks are the worst!!) :)
Day 8: Clean middle bedroom
Day 9: Organize kitchen cabinets & boys bedroom closet
Day 10: Organize winter coat closet
Day 11: Organize & put away extras from the "shoe pile"
Day 12: Take buckets to the attic
Day 13: Clean & organize the "green room/play room"
Day 14: hmm Start all over!?

Yes, that sounds so easy for many, but for me, it is really a huge task because of the little ones!  I am going to commit to cleaning my kitchen today, and then the next post, you will see if I actually did it, or not.  Accountability. :)

What is your favorite and least favorite room to clean?
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