My Blog Interview with Sarah Mae!

The author of Desperate: Hope for the Mom that Needs to Breathe, Sarah Mae, asked if anyone wanted to interview her, for their blog.  I said "YES!" and so here it is!  Thank you, Sarah Mae, for answering my questions!  Enjoy!

1).  How long did it take, from start to finish, to write Desperate?

"Writing Desperate took around 6 months, which is not an ideal amount of time! I would have loved a year or two to really create a masterpiece, but alas, as the mom of little ones with limited time and contract with a tight deadline, you work within your limitations. The good part of writing fast is that you must focus and work diligently!"

2).  What is your favorite saying, and why?

"I hope this counts: I love the Hemingway quote, "Write the truest sentence you know." I have begun to start all my blog posts by writing that sentence, the truest one I know. I think that's how I'll write my next book as well. Another favorite saying is, "I don't claim to have found the truth but I know it has found me" by Sara Groves, and it's a favorite because it is true for me - God found me, wooed me, and now I am His."

3).  Through all the gut wrenching, hard times, you turned to the Lord for help.  What would you say to the mom who just has a hard time turning to him "in the moment"?

"I would say, keep on. Keep praying, keep hoping, keep believing. He hears you. You are not alone, you are not forgotten. One foot in front of the other, one day at a time, you can do this."

4).  Do you plan to do any speaking engagements in the near future?

"I am scheduled to speak the CA and TX Mom Heart conferences. You can find the info. for those here: http://www.momheart.org/events/
I'll also be at the Allume conference in Greenville, SC in October: http://www.allume.com

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