Cleaning Accountability: Yes, That's Our Mess!

On Friday night, I ended up staying up until 1:15 AM!  Yes, I went to bed early Saturday morning, and felt like a zombie the next day.  Why?  Because my little one decided he wanted to nurse all through the night, as well!

I started in my living room and dining room area, and pulled ALL the clutter, shoes, toys, and everything else that didn't belong, into the center of the room. (Oh, how I wish I could win one of those "free cleaning for a year" drawings! Or even just to win a day of organization from a professional!)

Yes, it became a huge pile in the middle of the floor.  I decided I wasn't going to bed until every single piece was put in its place.  Here is a picture of the pile of stuff that I pulled from all over the room!  Totally embarrassing, but hey, this is life.  We REALLY live here.

By the time I was finished, I was SO tired, but it was so worth having a cleaned up room for the next short while.  The method I used to go through clutter REALLY helped me, since I sometimes don't even know where to start.  By pulling everything out into the center of the room, I knew I couldn't just leave it there.  I had to go through everything and put it in its place.  Most of it belonged in a different room! 

I'm off to clean the kitchen after a big Superbowl party! Pray for me! :)
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