And Then There was Dessert - Baked S'mores!

And then there was dessert…

My wonderful husband went to the store, and forever being a kid at heart, purchased fluff so he could have peanut butter and fluff sandwiches.  I, on the other hand used my awesome coupons, not too long ago, to purchase crescent rolls and chocolate.  So what do you get when you combine crescent rolls, chocolate, and fluff!? Delicious baked s'mores, of course!  Here’s how it went down at this crazy house.

Separate the crescent rolls and spread fluff on each one! Yum...

Then, sprinkle your favorite chocolate chips on top of the fluff.



Roll the dough into the crescent roll shape, and pinch the ends closed.  

Follow the normal baking instructions and make sure they are nice and brown on top.  Delicious and fun!

Have fun baking!  I enjoyed my baked s'more with a glass of cold milk!


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