Cleaning Accountability Continues

After my 14 day cleaning schedule, I will continue to keep folowing the schedule as best as possible.  I will also add in a simple schedule for everyone to follow along with, if they want to do that!  For example, I will do a list something like this:

Day 1: Lets all clean out our refrigerators today! Do I dare post a picture?!
Day 2: Pick a closet and completely transform it!  Pictures coming!

Do you like the idea?  Let me know!  For now, on to my accountability cleaning schedule!

Everything would be so much easier if I won the free cleaning for a year from those promotions! Ha!

Day 1: Clean the kitchen & do laundry (done! not all in day one, though :)
Day 2: Clean the living room/dining room
Day 3: Clean first floor bathroom & laundry (see below)
Day 4: Clean boys room (with the boys helping) We cleaned the boy's room, yesterday, instead of the bathroom.  It was really necessary, since playdates require being able to play with your toys and not trip over anything! ;)  I will go in reverse and do day 3 today.  It doesn't really matter, as long as I keep sticking to the overall plan, and that is to CLEAN MY HOUSE!

Have an awesome day, friends!

See full accountability list here.
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