Draino GenderTest

We have some exciting news to share! Yes, there's a new little one on the way!  One of the fun things, and kind of gross, that we did was we decided to do the Draino Crystals Pee Test.  We did the testing OUTDOORS of course, since it is very toxic.  It's best for the pregnant mother to not be the one pouring the pee into the glass of a couple tablespoons of crystals, because of the toxicity.

Our cousin, Justine said it was 100% correct for all of her sisters children as well as for her own.  I cannot recommend that anyone try it, since it is not considered an accurate test, but I thought it was a fun way to predict the gender!

The results of the Draino Crystals Pee Test ACTUALLY turned out to be CORRECT, for us! We found out that our new little one is a sweet little GIRL!!  Unchanging color was one of the "girl" test guidelines.  If it would have turned dark brown, that would have predicted boy.  Thank God for little girls!  Yes, the "Pee Test" may be a little weird, but here it is, and it worked for us!

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Stay safe and congratulations!

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