Date Night Spanish Rice!

My husband's favorite dish is Spanish Rice, so I like to make it every once in a while now that I learned how to make it how he likes it (thanks to his Momma).

Here are step by step instructions to make an AMAZING Spanish rice for you and your man!  I have tweaked it a bit for the onion "sensitive" ones (aka me) here at my house. ;)

Step 1: Cook up equal amounts of ground beef (cook per directions on package) and rice (separately)


Step 2:  Combine rice and meat in a pot

Step 3:  Cut two red peppers in half  and clean them (remove seeds) - boil till desired softness - remove and set aside

Step 4:  Grate fresh cheddar cheese (to be used in meat/rice mix) - grate desired amount (I use A LOT)

Step 5:  Heat up 1 jar of sauce (leftover sauce can be mixed in with leftovers that don't fit into peppers)

Step 6:  Put 3/4 of grated cheese into the pot with the meat/rice mixture and mix till cheese is melted (save other 1/4 to sprinkle on top of finished product!)

Step 7:  Place cheesy meat/rice mixture into each of the pepper "shells" and spoon sauce over the top of each one (all leftovers that don't fit in the peppers can be eaten another night in homemade tacos or burritos!)

I left the cheese out of these ones (not as yummy though)
and planned
to just sprinkle it on top this time.

Step 8:  Cover those yummy things with cheese!! THEN place in the oven at 350 degrees just long enough to melt the cheese (watch it closely - don't burn yourself! ;)
YUM!! You won't believe how DELICIOUS these taste!

Let me know how it tastes for you!  This is one of my favorites now!  I don't put all kinds of extra stuff in it, it is just super yummy simple like this - especially for super picky taste buds like mine! 

What is YOUR favorite recipe?

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